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Healthy Cuticles

by Shellie Griffith

Natural Nails by Shellie
October 19th, 2015

Cuticles are very fragile. Picture them as if they were like a rubber band that runs over top of the nail and underneath the nail. You never want to cut your cuticle because it’s like cutting into a rubber band, which will create a weak spot leaving it open to infection.  Gently push back your cuticles. Never use anything that is sharp to push back your cuticles.
When you get out of shower, while the nail cuticle is still moist, take a towel and gently push each cuticle back towards your knuckles. Do it slowly over a period of time. Don’t try to do it all at once.
Keep your cuticles moist with a very good quality hand cream, not lotion, especially at night. If you're one of my clients I offer a special oil you can use as well as a lovely peptide cream for your nail plates that makes them beautifully enhanced and enriched with that beautiful pink and white look. Nails by Shellie • (805) 901-1065

Hydropeptide Skincare line

by Linsey Dawn

Beautiful You Day Spa
November 17th, 2013

For the last 7 months I have integrated this skincare line into my practice. I have clients with many different skin types and disorders and they have seen a huge improvement in their skin! Some of my clients who were skeptical - who have been struggling with poly (extreme) sensitive skin and/or rosacea have been able to use these products with no side effects. They are pleased to see how much their skin has improved with Hydropeptide and now use it on a daily basis as their regular skincare routine!

Hydropeptide has won multiple Beauty Awards throughout the years and I am highly confident in using this product line and retailing it to my clients.

                                                                           2010 Prevention Magazine Beauty Award


The SCIENCE behind the product:

We use the 21 most effective Peptides on the market, so you experience the best results.

AC Collagen* – Helps smooth the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles by improving Collagen I. Found in: Lip

Aldenine* – Counteracts effects of aging by enhancing Collagen III and protects against the effects of glycation, AGE’s, free radicals and ROS. Found in: Face, Eye and Moistuize.

Argireline – Softens the look of expression lines around the eyes. Found in: Cleansing Gel, Cleanse, Tone and Eye.

ß-White – Helps fade the appearance of age spots and discoloration. Found in: Even Out.

Dermaxyl* – Counteracts signs of aging by boosting cell communication and improving elasticity. Found in: Face, Eye and Moisturize.

Eyeliss – Combats under-eye puffiness by improving elasticity, strengthening blood vessels and enhancing drainage. Found in: Eye.

Haloxyl – Helps diminish the appearance of dark under-eye circles while firming and toning. Found in: Eye.

Matrixyl 3000* – Enhances smoothness, complexion and tone while helping to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles. Found in: Face and Eye.

Myoxinol – Softens the look of expression lines around the eyes and contains free radical neutralizing antioxidants. Found in: Mask and Serum.

Peptamide-6* – Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and wounds while enriching firmness and elasticity. Found in: Anti-Stress Mask (Professional Only).

Perfection Peptide P3 – Improves skin renewal and hydration. Found in: Apple Peel 1 (Professional Only).

Proharin – Helps prevent pigment loss in hair and improves fullness of lashes. Found in: Lash.

Regestril* – Helps fade the appearance and discoloration of stretch marks. Found in: Moisturize.

SNAP-8 – Softens the look of expression lines. Found in: Peel, Mask, Serum and Power Lift.

Sympeptide 226 – Helps enrich keratin genes for fuller looking hair. Found in: Lash.

Sympeptide 235 – Helps improve the look and fullness of lashes and brows. Found in: Lash.

Syn-Ake - Tightens facial contours and is effective in minimizing forehead wrinkles. Found in: Peel, Mask, Serum and Power Lift.

Syn-Coll* – Lifts and smoothes wrinkles by enriching the growth factor that increases Collagen I. Found in: Serum, Face, Eye and Moisturize.

Syn-Tacks* – Advances skin communication, organization and cohesion. Found in: Soufflé Mask (Professional Only) Serum and HydroStem+6.

Thermostressine – Fights cell stress and keeps skin stable against hot and cold shocks. Found in: Anti-Stress Mask (Professional Only).

Trylagen* – Battles the appearance of wrinkles by improving elasticity and smoothness, preventing collagen loss and reinforcing the collagen network. Found in: Apple Peel 1 and Anti-Stress Mask (Professional Only), Cleansing Gel, Cleanse, Tone, Peel, Mask and Power Lift. *Targets the skin matrix and activates collagen based on in vitro testing for key ingredients.


Yours in Beauty,

Linsey Dawn



Join us for an Open House!

by Linsey Dawn

Beautiful You Day Spa
October 16th, 2013

Beautiful You Day Spa, custom facials, waxing, lash extensions, brow care, manicure, pedidcure


We've Changed Our Name and Expanded!

Beautiful Skin Studio has made many changes! We've expanded, moved to a larger suite and changed our name to Beautiful You Day Spa. Join us for an evening of appetizers and cocktails, meet our team and take a look at some of our newest services and specials!

Beautiful You Day Spa - Enhancing Your Natural Beauty through custom facials, natural nail care, billion dollar brows, eye lash extensions and nutrition services.

We look forward to seeing you!

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